Accommodating Al Fresco dining within your Restaurant space

Dining Al Fresco is the perfect way for your patrons to get the most out of the warmer weather this coming Summer, spending more of their time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. However, no Al Fresco dining experience would be complete without a great commercial outdoor dining area in which to host your customers.

Below, our restaurant fit out contractors at Lake Contracts will talk about some of the ways that your restaurant can spruce up its outdoor dining areas for Summer 2022, allowing you to host your patrons in style.


Garden Dining Tables


Investing in quality garden furniture for your commercial outdoor spaces is vital for successfully accommodating your customers this coming Summer, allowing them to make the most of the nicer weather with the option of Al Fresco dining.

Quality outdoor dining table options offer a great investment that is proven to stand the tests of time, meaning your patrons will be able to enjoy your outdoor seating areas for years to come. However, if you find yourself working with a limited budget sets of simple yet sturdy fold-away tables and chairs can do the job just as well.


Shaded Areas


Al Fresco dining may be a great way for your patrons to spend more of their time outdoors in the warmer weather, however, it is important to note that too much sun exposure should ideally be avoided. Due to this, it’s a good idea to consider a way that you can provide your customers with areas shaded within your outdoor dining area.

Parasols that can be easily opened or closed offer a great way to provide your guests with the option of shaded outdoor seating, allowing them to take a break from the sun while still making the most of the warmer season.


Outdoor Décor


Decorating your commercial outdoor garden space to appear appealing to your customers is essential for creating a successful Al Fresco dining experience. Additions such as plants, flowers, and outdoor lighting are great for sprucing up an outdoor space and fostering a welcoming atmosphere that will have your patrons coming back time and time again.

If your outdoor space is lacking greenery, investing in some garden planters can be great for incorporating more natural features that otherwise may be lacking. This is a great way to brighten up your space and can work to completely transform your garden dining area for very little cost.