Utilising Commercial Outdoor Space this Summer

With summer well underway and food establishments now reopening with the easing of lockdown restrictions, now may be the perfect time for restaurants, cafes, and other businesses to think about utilising their outdoor areas.
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Minimising noise in the Workplace

Noise pollution is a common issue present in a variety of different workplaces, often making productivity difficult and impacting the performance of your employees. So, what can be done to minimise the levels of noise present in a workplace? Below, … Read the rest

Maintaining your Property Professionally

With the UK currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is understandable that hiring a commercial interior design company to remodel your business space is not currently an available option, meaning many restaurants and office spaces are having … Read the rest

What to consider when undergoing a Fit Out

When taking on a large project such as the refurbishment of your pub or restaurant, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before construction begins. Within the below article, we aim to discuss the factors that … Read the rest

Using bespoke joinery within your establishment

Adding a personal touch to your establishment’s furnishings and décor can really improve upon the atmosphere and mood inside. Bespoke joinery is effectively customisable woodwork, whether in the form of cabinets, furniture or surfaces. The benefit of this is that … Read the rest